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In 1987 Jacques Lancelot, Guy Deplus and Michel Arrignon worked together to produce the Buffet Festival Clarinet. Ideal for professional clarinet players, the Festival is adaptable to a wide
range of repertoire.


Made of unstained Grenadilla wood, the festival is characterized by its depth of sound and warm and powerful tone. The Festival belongs to the R13 bore family and has balance and stability across all registers.


This model features metal tenon caps which helps to reduce the risk of cracks. The hand-crafted undercut tone holes allow an ease of response throughout the instrument.


Buffet has been producing clarinets since 1825 and are well respected within the industry. Buffet clarinets are commonplace in orchestras and ensembles across the world.


The Buffet Festival A clarinet is supplied with a lockable double traditional style case covered in simili-leather with velvet interior and a leather handle. It also includes two barrels, a pull through, cork grease, a sample reed, pencil and silver-plated ligature and cap.



  • Unstained grenadilla wood body.
  • Silver-plated keywork.
  • 64- and 65-mm barrels.
  • Left hand Eb level.
  • GT Waterproof, leather, and natural cork pads.
  • Adjustable thumb rest.
  • Pitched at A = 440Hz.
  • Pochette style double case covered in leather.
  • Includes ligature and cap.


This instrument is covered by a two-year guarantee with Buffet Crampon against all manufacturing or material defects. This guarantee extends to cracks and tenons.


This instrument comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Howarth of London and includes a free ‘Guarantee Check-over’ from our Repair Workshop before the warranty expires.


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