Buffet Crampon | French System Professional Bassoon




Buffet bassoons are made to order only. There are no further discounts on the advertised price. Currently delivery times are approx 16 months.
Please note Buffet bassoons are made from Rosewood and is on Cites Appendix II, so requires a re-export permit for international sales.


The professional Buffet Crampon bassoon BC5613 with RC bore has been especially developed for soloists and concert players. It has a powerful, yet warm and full sound and is equipped with all technical and acoustic benefits modern bassoon players expect.


  • Highly optimised ergonomics
  • Improved comfort


  • Simplified mechanism
  • Numerous regulation screws
  • Extreme reliability


  • New bore
  • New tone hole positioning for improved scale and tone
  • Widenned sound and facilitated low register
  • Consistant tone across all registers
  • Rounder and more focused sound due to the silver bocal


  • RC bore
  • Rosewood of Rio
  • Double C# key at the thumb
  • “Croissant” key
  • Key guard on low D key
  • Silver plated keys
  • Cast spatulas
  • Stainless steel screws
  • Leather pads
  • Metal tenon rings
  • Silver plated straight bocal
  • Adjustable shoulder sling

Cordura covered case with moulded velvet lined nest and extra padding throughout

Additional information

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Standard instrument, With resonance bell


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