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The Howarth Junior oboe is a beginner level instrument that has been specifically designed for our youngest players. It is our lightest student model oboe and is manufactured from the traditional Grenadilla wood used for our professional model instruments.

The instrument has a chromatic range of 2½ octaves from low C and the keywork has been further simplified to keep the instrument light and reduce any risk of accidental keywork damage. The keys themselves are fully covered and have been extended to reduce the stretch for small hands. The instrument is pitched in C and uses the standard oboe fingerings and reeds.
The Howarth Junior oboe is an ideal beginner instrument and will take the player through their early graded music exams until they are ready to comfortably progress to a full system oboe, such as the S10 or the S20.
  • Body made from Grenadilla wood (Dalbergia melanoxylon)
  • Silver plated keywork
  • Thumbplate (English) system
  • Single action octaves
  • All keys are covered hole
  • Uses standard size oboe reeds
  • Full chromatic range of 2 and a half octaves, starting from low C
  • Weight ~0.46kg
  • Instrument is supplied in a Howarth Student backpack case with cleaning materials, cork grease and a reed case

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