Lawton | Metal Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece




Classic, British-made mouthpieces by former maker Geoff Lawton. Production continued by his son, Jason Lawton. Representing the best in quality hand-built mouthpieces. Please ring the shop to check availability.

Lawton Saxophone mouthpieces have garnered a very respectable name from Saxophonists the world over. They have always been made from the best possible materials, e.g. the stainless steel mouthpieces made from surgical stainless steel, the highest quality available today, and the ebonite mouthpieces machined from a solid bar, thus ensuring that the mouthpiece you buy today is still the same mouthpiece you are playing in years to come.

Chamber Types:

Plain: Large chamber, low baffle for a big dark tone, ideally suited for Orchestral, classical and Jazz playing

Model B: Medium chamber and baffle for brilliant full tone. Specifically designed for projection (big band work and Jazz playing).

Model BB: Medium chamber and high baffle for maximum power and edge. Ideal for Jazz rock and producing harmonics.

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Plain 7, B 7, BB