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Moosmann 200 

The ‘Soloist’ Moosmann 200 is a high-end professional instrument and is suitable for the most discerning orchestral musician. It is made from selected Bosnian mountain maple wood with a French polish lacquered finish to help perfect it’s acoustics.



  • Seasoned curly mountain maple wood from Bosnia with a mahogany stain
  • French polish lacquer finish
  • All finger holes lined in hard rubber
  • Silver plated key work



  • 27 keys of German silver
  • High D and E Keys
  • E/F# trill key
  • C# trill key
  • Touch C
  • Crook lock
  • Fitted balance hanger
  • 11 Rollers on F, Ab, front F#, Eb, C#, Bb, 2 x F#, Ab, D and C



Supplied with 2 Moosmann crooks



  • Case
  • Neck sling
  • Reed case (EM holds 3 reeds)
  • Professional Handrest
  • Silk swabs

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