Püchner | Model Classic Bassoon


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Made from Curly Mountain maple with the classic finish, this bassoon is built with silver-plated mechanisms. It is set up with waterproofed pads for better sealing and good response. It is supplied with 2 Püchner crooks.

Additional features are:

· automatic G ring key

· high D key

· high E key

· E-F sharp trill

· whisper key lock for left thumb

· adjustable link between A-whisper key

· Nine Rollers – A touch key on wing joint, F and Ab keys for right hand little finger, Bb and F# keys for right hand thumb, C# and D# for left hand little finger and low D and C key for left hand thumb.

5 finger holes and 1 tone hole are lined with sterling silver tubes extending into the bore. The wing joint bore and the small bore of the boot joint are fully rubber-lined, the large bore of the boot joint is partially rubber-lined.

Case options:


Our Püchner bassoons are available with a range of cases, so that you can choose what will best suit you.

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