Leitzinger | Model I Bassoon




Professional I & II The bassoon for the most demanding players
The mechanical design is identical to our model ‘Exclusive’ however, it is additionally provided with:
  • More carefully selected mountain maple
  • Divided Long Joint to fit a more compact case
  • Finger holes lined with sterling silver tubes
  • Roller on A/octave
  • Roller on C#/whisper key
  • Roller on low C# key
  • Rollers on C/D key left thumb on long joint
  • Rollers on Bb/E-E/F#-F#/Ab keys right thumb on butt joint
  • Rollers on F/Ab/F# keys right little finger butt joint
  • Eb trill key
  • Plastic lined pivot screw keys
  • Extra low C key plate
  • Handrest ‘Leitzinger’ for left hand
  • Bocals ‘Leitzinger’
  • Case and accessories
The ‘Professional’ model is also available with standard long joint to special order.

Additional key mechanism on demand.


Sound Type I
  • Flexible
  • Radiant, focused sound
  • Rich in overtones
  • Consistent intonation over the whole range
  • Resonant sound
  • Reliable response even in
    extreme registers

This model will be stocked in Antique finish, but standard finish is available to special order.

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Standard Finish, Antique Finish


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