Buffet Crampon | Moennig Barrel for Bb/A Clarinet




Developed by Hans Moennig, the Moennig barrel has a reverse cone tapered bore. This type of barrel has a larger bore width at the mouthpiece end compared to the bottom where the top joint connects.
The large reduction in the bore of the barrel has several positive effects, including intonation. The third mode is not as sharp and the twelfths near the mouthpiece are reduced in size. Throat notes are sharper and brought into better focus.
  • Made of grenadilla wood
  • Silver plated rings
  • Lengths: 64mm, 65mm, 66mm, 66.5mm, 67mm, and 67.5mm 
  • Available for Bb and A clarinet

Additional information

Weight N/A

64mm Bb, 66mm Bb, 64mm A, 66mm A, 65mm Bb, 65mm A, 66.5mm A, 67mm Bb, 67mm A, 67.5mm A

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