Christopher Redgate | New Music for a new oboe vol. 1 The Howarth – Redgate 21st century oboe | Metier


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Edwin Roxburgh – The Well Tempered Oboe
  • Aeolian prelude
  • Triadic Arioso
  • Chromatic Fantasia
  • Multiphonic Toccata

Christopher Redgate (Oboe) Stephen Robbings (piano)

Michael Finnissy – Awaz-e Niyaz

Christopher Redgate (Oboe / Lupophone) Michael Finnissy (piano)

"The music on this disc is challenging with the striking microtones of the Well-Tempered Oboe and the repetitions of Awaz-e Niyaz. However, concentrated listening brings immense rewards with intriguing and unusual sounds many of which are very beautiful. Christopher Redgate's playing is simply spectacular. The recording is excellent and there are informative notes on the instruments and the musicians by Christopher Redgate, as well as individual notes on the music by Edwin Roxburgh and Michael Finnissy." – The Classical Reviewer

"Roxburgh's Well Tempered Oboe [is] exceedingly well written. Finnissy's 55-minute meditation [is] a hypnotic, eventually explosive unfolding." – Paul Driver (The Sunday Times)

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