Vandoren | Optimum Plate for Saxophone Ligature




Vandoren Pressure Plates for Optimum Saxophone Ligature

Plate 1 – This plate, pictured on the right, enables a great resonance with rich, sonorous tones. It features longitudinal ridges that run in the same direction as the fibres of the reed, giving it a very light response and incredibly easy articulation, especially with staccato.


Plate 2 – This plate, pictured in the centre, allows for a more compact, centred sonority. With its lateral ridges, it resonates in a way dedicated to creating a particularly smooth and even sound. Characterised by extraordinary blowing ease.


Plate 3 – This plate, pictured on the left allows the reed vibrates in total freedom. Its design is dedicated to producing a very flexible sound because of the four elevated points that attach directly to the bark of the reed. With this flexibility, you’ll find a greater ease of expression

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VP15-3S ten/bar no.3 optimum plate, VP14-2S sop/alt no.2 optimum plate, VP14-3S sop/alt no.3 optimum plate, VP14-1S sop/alt no.1 optimum plate, VP15-2S ten/bar no.2 optimum plate

Instrument Condition (Do not use)