Lorée | Royal Model cR + 3 Oboe – AK bore




The Lorée Royal 'cR + 3 – AK' model oboe is a professional conservatoire instrument.

Founded in 1881, F. Lorée are one of the oldest specialist oboe
manufacturing firms. They have a long established reputation for
developing and manufacturing fine professional instruments in their
French factory.

The AK bore on the modern instruments is based on the measurements of the renowned original Lorée AK series first produced in the late 1930's. Original oboes with the AK serial number were highly valued as having the ideal balance between tone, projection and intonation. Lorée have taken these original bore measurements and used them to produce a modern AK bore oboe. The exaggerated conical AK bore, with its narrower top and
more flared bell than a standard conical bore, produces a focused sound with a dark tone. When combined with the thicker wall of the Royal model oboes it creates excellent tone projection.


  • Body made from Grenadilla wood (dalbergia melanoxylon)
  • Silver plated keywork
  • AK bore
  • Conservatoire system (Thumbplate can be added as a special order item)
  • 3rd octave key
  • Semi-automatic octaves
  • C to D trill keys x 2 (lower and upper)
  • C to C# trill key
  • Forked F vent
  • Ab to Bb and Ab to A trill keys
  • Low C to C# trill key ("Banana key")
  • Eb to E trill key
  • Articulated C# mechanism
  • Left hand F key
  • Low Bb resonance key
  • Metal reinforced tenons
  • All necessary adjusting screws, including an option to regulate the middle C key
  • Instrument is supplied in a Lorée professional case with a case cover

Special Order Options:

  • High D vent
  • Lorée thumbplate to convert to dual system
  • Gold plated keys
  • Violet wood
  • Synthetic top joint
  • Instrument descending to low A
  • Harmonic key

Additional information

Weight N/A


All wood body, Lined Top Joint, Synthetic Top

Instrument Condition (Do not use)


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