Legere | Signature Synthetic Alto Saxophone Reeds




Légère reeds are designed to the most exacting specifications, these reeds deliver all the depth and warmth that elite players demand.
The new Signature Series Reeds are the ideal solution for elite players looking for something extra who haven’t yet found the perfect sound with our other reeds. Months of testing with top professionals including Larry Combs and Barnaby Robson have demonstrated that the new reeds can add another dimension to the already rich Legere sound. Mr.Combs, former Principal Clarinet in Chicago, has said that the new reeds “feel and sound very natural.”
They are made from polypropylene, which is approved by the FDA for use in direct food contact applications, so these reeds are completely safe to use. They process the polymer in a special way that lines up the molecules themselves in order to precisely match the stiffness and density of moist cane.
Some characteristics of the material:
  • Doesn’t have to be preconditioned before playing.
  • Does not absorb water.
  • Completely non-toxic.
  • It can be sanitized.
  • Extremely tough and it will last a very long, time.
Because of their synthetic nature, they are the only reeds we allow to be tested in store.

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[Single] Strength 2.5, [Single] Strength 2.75, [Single] Strength 3, [Single] Strength 3.25, [Single] Strength 3.5, [Single] Strength 2.25, [Single] Strength 2, [Single] Strength 3.75, [Single] Strength 4