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Due May 2022.
Mollenhauer’s Standard Model 74 Contrabassoon is a wonderful instrument, suitable for professional contrabassoon players.
Main product description
The Standard model contrabassoon from Mollenhauer is the most popular of its kind amongst professional contra players.
All of Mollenhauer’s bassoons are made from mountain maple wood. Mountain maple is medium-weight and has a flexibility that lends itself well to woodwind instrument manufacture. Together with its particular design, the combination achieves a particularly direct and focused response.
The Standard Model reaches down to a sub-contra Bb. It features 12 rollers and guards over the B, D, A and F# keys. All of the key work is silver-plated.
Howarth supplies this Mollenhauer contrabassoons with an aluminium flight case, with two crooks in lengths 1 and 2.
  • Reaches down to sub-contra Bb
  • Double Eb key
  • Double F# key for little finger
  • 12 rollers (Ab to F to F# for right-hand little finger; Bb to E and F# to E for right-hand thumb; C#, 1st and 2nd octave keys for the left hand thumb and Eb to C and Eb to C# for the left hand fingers)
  • Tuning slide
  • Adjustable spike
  • Silver-plated keywork
  • 2 crooks in lengths 1 and 2
  • Aluminium case and accessories
About maker
The Mollenhauers were a family of woodwind instrument makers. In 1822 Johannes Mollenhauer set up a workshop in Fulda in the heart of Germany, north-west of Frankfurt, later joined by his sons Gustav and Thomas. In 1864, Gustav established his own firm in Kassel, a little further north of Fulda, and was in turned joined by his sons Thomas and Johannes. This firm is still operating today under the name Gustav Mollenhauer & Sons, with a specialty in contrabassoons, but also manufactures bassoons, oboes, cor anglais and clarinets.
This instrument comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Howarth of London, and a free ‘Guarantee Checkover’ from our Repair Workshop before the warranty expires.

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