Backun | Traditional A Grenadilla Clarinet with Silver Keys


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For a clarinet to play as an extension of your soul, each tonehole must be masterfully crafted, each key evenly balanced and each pad perfectly sealed. Ten years spent making the finest clarinet products, all in pursuit of this: The Backun Clarinet.

BMS Modular Posting System designed to make key fitting and refitting precise and effortless (Patent Pending)

Titanium tenon sleeves on the upper and lower joints for an uncompromising fit and seal (Patent Pending)

Revolutionary trill key design with enlarged finger buttons and an independent guide system to maintain superior alignment

Unique inset three-axis thumb rest that is fully adjustable by the player – aiding in correct hand positioning, comfort and stability

Precision keywork fit on a unique proprietary posting system manufactured in-house – for long-term reliability and true touch sensitivity

Backun Acoustical Design with selected matching upper and lower joints for amazing tuning and voicing

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