Vandoren | Traditional Bass Saxophone Reeds | SR25




Vandoren Traditional reeds are designed to produce an extremely pure sound due to a very thin reed tip (the area of reed with maximum vibration), balanced by a solid vertebral column (more cane in the area which climbs gradually to the heel).

They are often considered classical reeds but also offer a good all-round option. Vandoren's Traditional reeds are well known for their full toned, responsive and quite dark playability, but they also work very well as beginner’s reeds in that they are relatively easy to control, predominantly down to their very thin tip.
Traditionally the classical set up relies on a narrow tipped mouthpiece with relatively hard reeds, thereby maximizing controllability. Anyone moving over from Rico should note that the Vandoren reed range are about a half step stronger than equivalent Rico reeds.

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*DELETED* – [Box of 5] Strength 2, *DELETED* – [Box of 5] Strength 3, *DELETED* – [Box of 5] Strength 4, [Single] Strength 2, [Single] Strength 3, [Single] Strength 4, [Box of 5] Strength 2, [Box of 5] Strength 3, [Box of 5] Strength 4