Vandoren | V16 Soprano Saxophone Mouthpiece




The V16 series is a design from Vandoren’s that sets out to capture the famous Jazz Saxophone sounds of the ’50s and ’60s. These mouthpieces are defined by their excellent intonation and
articulation. Furthermore, thanks to a unique chamber design in these mouthpieces, Vandoren V16 mouthpieces are very free-blowing and harmonically colourful. This colour and sonic quality couple with a powerful core and a rich dynamic range. An excellent choice on the Soprano Saxophone for players that are after great control over their sound, as well as a wide tonal palette. Mouthpieces inspired by the sounds of the greatest Jazz players from the fifties to the present. Java, V16 and ZZ reeds are recommended by Vandoren for these mouthpieces.

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S8 – SM804, S6 – SM802, S7 – SM803