Howarth Academy Student Model Bassoon

The Howarth Academy Student bassoon is the perfect instrument for taking a student up to college level.

Main product description

The Howarth Academy Student bassoon is Howarth’s flagship bassoon. It is ideal for students and has a stable intonation and beautiful tone.

Howarth’s bassoons are manufactured in Germany from matured smooth mountain maple wood from the Bosnia, where the climate makes for extremely dense wood.

The Howarth Academy Student bassoon has a left-hand thumb crook lock, a high D-key, a low C touch key, 4 rollers from F to Ab for the right-hand little finger, and C# to Eb for the left-hand little finger, and no Bb for the right hand 3rd finger. The bore of the wing and both sides of the boot joint are lined for extra protection. All of the finger holes are lined in hard rubber. All the key work is silver-plated.

Howarth supplies all of its bassoons with a Tutti Fagotti case, EM reed case for three reeds, sling, silk pull-throughs, La Tromba cork grease and one Moosmann P2W crook.


  • L/H thumb crook lock
  • High D key
  • Alternative low C touch key (Left thumb)
  • 4 rollers
  • No Bb for R/H 3rd Finger
  • Lined rubber finger holes
  • Lined wing and boot joint
  • 1 Moosmann P2W crook
  • Silver-plated key work

About maker

Howarth of London first came into existence in 1948 when Thomas Howarth, George Ingram and Frederick Mooney united to form the company. All three had already been involved in woodwind instrument manufacture and repair for many years and had indeed met each other while working as technicians at Boosey & Hawkes. After developing patterns and tooling for the manufacture of their own oboes, in 1948, the firm manufactured its first oboe, with the serial number 1001, and this sold to Edward Selwyn, principal oboist in the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Howarth & Co. began to flourish and quickly established a reputation for manufacturing fine quality instruments. Despite economic difficulties in post-war Britain, the company flourished. In 1968 the company’s premises was redeveloped and found a new home on Chiltern Street where the company remains today.


This instrument comes with a 1 Year Warranty from Howarth of London, and a free 'Guarantee Checkover' from our Repair Workshop before the warranty expires.

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