Moosmann Model 222SC Bassoon

  • Thin walled instrument
  • Seasoned curly mountain maple, with a thick Mahogany stain
  • 5 piece (divided long joint)
  • 29 keys made from German silver, with extra heavy silver plating
  • high E key
  • High F key
  • balance hanger
  • Ab-Bb trill
  • 13 rollers
  • Sterling silver lined finger holes
  • 2 Excellent or Interpret bocals (customer's choice)
  • Marcus Bonna leather Gentleman size case
  • whisper key link

This fantastic new bassoon brings a new tone quality to the Moosmann world, A dark powerful rich sound, very different from the other instruemnts in the Moosmann range. Supplied in a smart BAM case.If you haven't tried Moosmann instruments recently, this is the model to try.

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£26400.00( If bought from United Kingdom )
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