Heckel | Bassoon Crook




New stock arrived May 2020!

We are pleased to offer a range of the more popular Heckel crooks to try in our London showroom

All finished in Silver plate, the following varieties are available to try in lengths 1 & 2

  • CC (soft German Silver)
  • CD (thin walled, soft German silver)
  • CD (thin walled, gold brass, for a softer more focussed sound, ideal for chamber music)
  • CC XL
  • CCV
  • CCE

We are unable to offer any discount on the advertised price

other models available to special order

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CC1 German Silver, CC2 German silver, CD1 German silver, CD2 German silver, CD1 Gold Brass Silver plated, CD2 Gold Brass Silver plated, CC1 XL German Silver, CC2 XL German Silver, CD1 German Silver English Bend, CD2 German Silver English bend, CCV1 German Silver, CCV2 German Silver, CC1 German Silver English bend, CC2 German Silver English Bend, CCE 1 German Silver, CCE 2 German Silver, CD V 1 Gold Brass unplated, CD V 2 Gold Brass unplated, CC1 XL Gold Brass unplated, CD XL 1 Gold Brass unplated, CD XL 2 Gold Brass unplated, CD2 Gold Brass Unplated, CD1 Gold Brass unplated, C1 Gold Brass Brass Unplated

Instrument Condition (Do not use)