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With a heritage of instrument-making in Japan that traces back to 1893, Yanagisawa is recognized today as a maker of the most carefully handcrafted family of artist-level saxophones in the world.

In models ranging from sopranino to baritone, these superb instruments have won the praise of many celebrated musicians.


The Yanagisawa BWO10 Baritone Saxophone is a member of Yanagisawa’s ‘Elite’ level instrument series. It is a brass model instrument for the accomplished player. It delivers a superb tonal range, and it also benefits from the WO series re-engineered bore and tone holes, as well as re-sourced and redesigned core brass material. This model also has many upgraded features exclusive to the WO series such as:


Key Guard: Newly designed right hand guard exclusive to baritones.


Bow Brace: Redesigned upper bow brace.

Right Pinky Key: New pinky key angle for smoother fingering.

Bb & C Levers: Additional feet under the Bb & C levers.

Tone Holes: Redesigned tone holes to improve the intonation.

Neck Pipe Plate: New plate has been added thus tightening the sound from middle to high registers.

Strap Ring: Repositioned the strap ring for easier playing.


The BWO10 includes a ‘fully ribbed’ construction which means that there are strips of brass soldered on to the body of the sax, on to which the various pillars are then soft soldered themselves. This gives added ‘body’ to the tone, while offering even further solidarity of design. Secondly, the Elite series offers double arms on the lowest and most vulnerable keys, again adding stability to the set-up.


The Yanagisawa BWO10 Eb Baritone Saxophone:


  • Key of Eb.
  • Range from low A to high F#.
  • All hand engraved.

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