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Key Leaves key props are a great accessory to help prevent sticky pads and also can help prolong the life of pads. There are two versions available, one for soprano and another for alto/tenor/baritone saxophones. The new Key Leaves self-fit-kit for soprano sax works with any model of straight or curved soprano saxophone and prevents frustrating sticking sax keys and pad rot. Fix your sticky G#, Eb and C# soprano sax pads* for good by leaving the keys open to dry with Key Leaves. In a few seconds you can open Low Eb, C# plus G# sax key pads to air dry clean and cure sticky soprano sax keys before they start sticking. The other model works in exactly the same way for alto, tenor and baritone sax.
  • Stop sticky saxophone G#, Eb and C# key pads by leaving them open to dry
  • Fits all Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bari, Bass and C Melody saxophones
  • Leaf-shape props safely open the three stickiest pads to dry clean
  • Save money by reducing repair
  • Washable & easy to use
  • Safe on all finishes
  • Works safe without touching pad leather. The leaf shaped props touch only the tone hole and resonator to air dry the Eb, C# plus G# pads.
  • Snap adjust to serve any brand or model soprano
  • Safe on All Finishes
  • Daily care or long term storage
  • Designed, Patented & Made In USA
  • Slide the string knot to double the length, or untie/re-tie for 4x length (soprano version)


* Opening G# with Low C# may not work on saxes made before 1930.


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