Selmer Paris | Series III Eb Baritone Saxophone | Gold Lacquer


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The Series III baritone is the expression of a new acoustic and technical approach. Its warm voice and generous personality reveal themselves through several key improvements:
With UNPARALLELED TUNING  balance, its tone colour is remarkably EVEN, including in the extreme registers.
The sound, rich in overtones and embracing a full range of tonalities, is accessible to all styles of music.
The reduction in size of several soldered parts (ribs, bow guards…) and changes to the neck have been designed to optimize resonance: the instrument is immediately responsive to the musician’s slightest touch, without any loss of energy. It offers increased possibilities with great playing comfort.
Thanks to the outstanding ergonomic design of the Series III, the volume of the baritone no longer seems imposing.
The general DESIGN is particularly well balanced: pure refined lines, elegant mechanics and perfect keywork alignment.
Compact keywork and a close grip enables enhanced dexterity and speed approaching that of the alto saxophone: playing through registers is made easy and further facilitated by natural handling.
The key clearance is shortened for improved response and more accurate playing.
Finally, a lighter overall weight and the peg system attached to the bell frees the musician from handling constraints.
With the new Series III, the baritone finally comes into its own genuine identity. It opens the way to an original repertoire and soloist destiny, following in the path of the bass clarinet.

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