Fox Model 222D Bassoon : French Bell

Fox Renard Model 222D

Patterned after the Fox Model II, the 222D is the entry level bassoon in the Fox Renard range made from black maple. This long bore instrument offers a good stable sound and is ideal for students and amateurs.


  • Made from black maple wood
  • Long Bore
  • French Bell (metal ring) - German bell available special order only
  • Natural rubber lining in wing joint and small bore of the boot
  • Bb guard
  • Joint bolt



  • Full German system with high D key
  • Left hand whisper key lock
  • Rollers on F, Ab, Eb, and C#
  • Alternate low C touch key
  • Lined finger holes on wing and boot joint
  • Fitted balance hanger



Supplied with 2 Fox R2 *CVC* length #2 and #3



  • Case
  • Neck and seat strap
  • Handrest
  • Silk swabs

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