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The ERG-Oboe playing support is specially designed to enable the player to keep his or her hands and upper body completely relaxed. It works with the oboe, oboe d’amore and English horn.

The playing support removes the need for the right thumb and arm to support the weight of the oboe. Instead, the ERG-oboe  will transmit the weight of the instrument to the chair, or to the belt pouch the player may wear.

Freeing up the upper body can also help the most important aspects of wind playing: breathing and airflow. With the weight of the instrument taken off of the body, the player’s touch and feel for playing are improved and stresses are reduced.

Your instrument needs to have a neck strap ring above the thumb rest.  You need will attach the playing support to this ring. If  your instrument has no neck strap ring, then Howarth or your local instrument repair shop can easily attach a new thumb rest with a neck strap ring on it.

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Oboe and Cor Anglais support, Extension