RDG | Kickstand “BHOB” Oboe / Cor Anglais and Clarinet Support




Inspired by the no longer produced “FHRED”, the BHOB is RDG’s own version of the popular telescoping support peg. The BHOB is a thin, adjustable peg that attaches to any thumbrest with a ring and rests on the chair between the legs of the performer, relieving a significant portion of the weight of the instrument from the thumb.

This brass peg may be adjusted within a range of 7″ to 12″ (short) or 11″ to 21″ (long).

The Short lends itself to English Horn (Cor Anglais) playing, while the Long is suitable for Oboe (as the oboe is held higher from the chair, a longer support is needed).

A ring adaptor may be purchased separately for instruments without a ring – attachment to the existing thumbrest is easy and does not require drilling. As the BHOB attaches to the thumbrest and rests on the seat, there is no interference with sound production. After the FHRED stands were discontinued, RDG repair technician Levi Tracy re-designed this helpful accessory so that the product continues to be available for players who seek an alternative to using a neckstrap.

To use this support with a Buffet Crampon Clarinet, an adapter will be required.

Additional information

Weight N/A


Short Bhob 7in to 12in (use with English horn), Long Bhob 11in to 21in (use with Oboe)

Instrument Condition (Do not use)