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With a heritage of instrument-making in Japan that traces back to 1893, Yanagisawa is recognized today as a maker of the most carefully handcrafted family of artist-level saxophones in the world. In models ranging from sopranino to baritone, these superb instruments have won the praise of many celebrated musicians.

The Yanagisawa TWO10U Tenor Saxophone is a member of Yanagisawa’s ‘Elite’ level instrument series. It is a brass model instrument for the accomplished player. It
delivers a superb tonal range with an unmistakably darker edge thanks to the fine brass body, and it also benefits from the WO series re-engineered bore and toneholes, and re-sourced and redesigned core brass material. This model also has many upgraded features exclusive to the WO series such as:
Redesigned Taper: Redesign of the taper and position of the tone holes allows for clearer intonation.
Right Pinky Key: Relocated the right pinky key allows for smoother fingering.
Left Palm Keys: Modified angle of the left palm keys ensuring easier fingering.
New Case: Redesigned hard shell case with fabric cover.
The Yanagisawa TWO10U Tenor Saxophone:
  • Bb Tenor
  • Brass Unlacquered finish
  • The teflon inner octave system
  • C#-Bb connected table key
  • Sway-free F-auxiliary key mechanism
  • ‘Indented’ White Shell Keys
  • Single unit seat (base)
  • Metal Thumb Rests
  • Pointed Pivot Screws
  • Air-Tight Waterproof Pads
  • Blue Steel Springs
  • Tri-point balanced bell brace

All Yanagisawa saxophones come complete with a durable back-pack case with front pocket case and include the professional Yanagisawa hard rubber mouthpiece.

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