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The new Yamaha YAS-875EX Custom EX alto saxophone marks a huge step forward for saxophone design. Offering players a wealth of new musical possibilities, the new Custom EX has
been designed in collaboration with some of the world’s most talented saxophonists, including Nobuya Sugawa, Jean-Yves Fourmeau and Otis Murphy. Their invaluable input has meant that Yamaha have been able to create an instrument that sounds great, is comfortable to play, and that constantly evolves with the player. The YAS-875 Custom EX is
characterised by how truly refined and elegant it is. Yamaha’s highly evolved flagship model features stress-free key work, low-register playability and potentially the best intonation of any saxophone! The Custom YAS-875EX gives the performer total freedom of expression.


The YAS-875EX Custom Alto Sax series encapsulates the essence of treasured classic saxes from the 20th Century as well as building on their standards with state of the art tuning, technology and ergonomics. Yamaha Custom series saxophones are designed with some of the greatest players in the world and hand built by the best of Yamaha’s expert craftsman. Meticulously developed from the finest materials and built with innovative features, Yamaha Custom saxophones provide the rich sounds and expressive feel to elevate the performance level of even the best saxophonists.

The YAS-875EX has been developed through multiple decades of intense research and experimentation involving some of the world’s greatest saxophonists. Featuring a smooth response and a refined sound full of rich colours. It has a reassuringly solid feel, yet quick and nimble playing action, a wide dynamic range, stunning projection, and an authoritative tone with a beautifully designed tonal core.


The YAS-875 Custom EX Alto Saxophone:

  • With new Custom V1 crook which offers the largest bore of the Yamaha crooks. This neck is free blowing and extremely flexible, providing the player access to a more extreme dynamic range and a wider palette of tonal expression.
  • Improved octave mechanics
  • New pointed screws
  • Adjustable front F-flap
  • Adjustable thumb rest
  • Includes new luxury case and 4CM Ebonite mouthpiece
  • Gold Plated finish


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