Waterhouse Collection -- Ref: BN10415a

Price: £ 3500 ( Item is currently: Available )

Heckel 4xxx (built 1907)

Ringed maple, stained dark brown. German silver keys and fittings. Standard Heckel key system. The butt incorporates two of Wilhelm Heckel’s improvements of 1901: (a) an improved U-bend bow, fixed by spring clips instead of the earlier sliding model, which had been liable to leak; (b) improved G key action by means of rod connection. Further refinements dating from 1901–7, which have since become standardised, include (c) c-sharp – d-sharp trill mechanism by means of a ring key for L3; (d) a ring-key mechanism for R1 to improve the intonation of g, (e) an improved mechanism for the RT B-flat key, and (f) re-sited tone hole for the RT A-flat key. Lloyd, Heckel’s agent for Great Britain and the colonies since 1876, supplied instruments at “English” pitch at this time for £30. This one was used at a Manchester theater for many years, until the change-over to flat pitch in the 1930s; Pitch is A=450-455. Sold as seen, no crook. From the William Waterhouse Collection

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