Who's Zoo?

A book containing a musical Who's Who of the Animal World! This musical menagerie contains pieces on the ABRSM and Trinity syllabus.


A Conger R'eel
A Llama Drama
Crock Rock
G'iraffe To Do It?
Hip Hip Hippo-ray!
Jumbo's Lullaby
One Hump or Two
The Alligator Rag
The Cockatoo Blues
The Dandy Lion
The Orange Tanga!
The Zebra Crossing


  • Spartan Press


  • Cowles, Colin


  • Bassoon
  • Piano


  • MTB Bassoon Grade 4
  • MTB Bassoon Grade 5
  • Trinity Bassoon Grade 4
  • Trinity Bassoon Grade 5


  • ISMN: 979-0-5799-9485-5

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