Lomax Firebird Bb Clarinet Mouthpiece : F2 (1.04mm)

L' oiseau de feu "The Firebird" Clarinet Mouthpiece LOMAX CLASSIC is pleased to offer a Limited Edition clarinet mouthpiece for the discriminating clarinetist. "L'oiseau de feu" or "The Firebird".

The vision of the Phoenix legend is the rise from burnt ashes to a new and bold firebird. The same is true of the reincarnation of legendary Chedeville mouthpieces from circa. late 1920s- early 1930s. Dr. L. Omar Henderson has recreated mouthpiece blanks for custom mouthpiece makers of the same classic Chedeville rubber formulation, precision machined from rod rubber stock. The exact measurements of the timeless Chedeville mouthpieces are translated into 4 axis CNC machine language from laser digital outer contour measurements and interior measurements derived from a digital multi-X Ray CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scan. These blanks are used as a base to craft our new "Firebird" model clarinet mouthpiece.

Thus, our "Firebird" mouthpiece has the identical baffle, chamber design, exterior measurement and rubber formula as its Henri Chedeville original.

"The Firebird" is our limited edition clarinet mouthpiece and is the perfect balance of proprietary Chedeville rubber, precision CNC machining, and meticulous hand finishing. This process is lengthy and precision is the key ingredient. Therefore the cost reflects this degree of precision. The blank is fashioned from a solid billet of hard rubber to exacting specifications and unlike 99% of present day mouthpieces which are different rubber formulation used to mold, not machine, the mouthpiece. The Chedeville blank only becomes the finished "Firebird" mouthpiece with hand finishing and final play testing by master craftsman Michael Lomax.

Available in three tip openings

F1: 1.01mm
F2: 1.04mm
F3: 1.11mm

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£213.75( If bought from United Kingdom )