Fox Model 685D Bassoon : Long Bell

Fox 685D

The 685D is the latest professional bassoon from Fox. A variation of the 680D, it is built with thicker walls and longer tone holes to produce a darker, more concentrated tone and great dynamic range. The 685D is a unique design that provides the performer unlimited power as a soloist or member of a large orchestra while preserving the singing quality and flexibility in the tenor register.



  • Made from Mountain Maple wood (also available in Red Maple - special order)
  • This instrument comes as a four piece, gentleman's model in short case. (Longer single piece bell joint, dividable 5 piece version available to special order)
  • French Bell (metal ring) - German bell available special order only
  • String lapped tenons
  • Shortened long joint with longer two piece bell (single piece long bell available for same price. We may sometimes have this variant as a stock item, call for details)



  • Full German system with high D and E keys
  • Left hand whisper key lock
  • Rollers on F, Ab, Eb, Db, Bb, E and F#
  • D - Eb Trill
  • Alternate low C touch key
  • Lined finger holes on wing and boot joint
  • Fitted balance hanger



Supplied with 2 Fox double star R2 crooks (We recommend CTC)



  • Case
  • Neck and seat strap
  • Handrest
  • Silk swabs

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