Rovner 'Light' Saxophone Ligature and Plastic Cap | All Sizes : Baritone Hard Rubber | L-3R (L9)

For Saxophone Metal Mouthpiece - Dual Tone Finish

The Rovner 'Light' variation on the 'Dark', for those who are looking for a brighter sound. It is very responsive and free-blowing thanks to band of space that sits over the reed, allowing for greater vibrations. It affords a full range of musical expression in particular for jazz improvisation. Like all Rovner products, this ligature includes a Rovner™ cap. The lively Light is ideal for those seeking a more contemporary sound.

This ligature is often selected by Jazz band players and marching band players - although other Rovner ligatures can provide better projection for competing with the brass, rock/blues band players. The ligature material and hardware are created to very particular specifications and go through a series of treatments and processes to ensure their durability and imbue them with energetic response! 

The textile used in Rovner ligatures is not leather and is, therefore, not prone to stretching over time the way leather might. 

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