Yamaha YSS-875 EXHGGP Soprano Saxophone - High G -GOLD PLATED

The Yamaha YSS-875 EXHGP Custom Soprano Saxophone represents one answer to Yamaha’s pursuit of the ideal saxophone sound and is the result of decades of painstaking research and trials with some of the world’s greatest saxophonists. 

EX soprano saxophones offer professionals a rich tone whilst still being able to project clearly. With a wide dynamic range, extremely accurate intonation and a beautiful tone, the EX soprano saxophones come complete with both straight and curved necks and are perfect for players who are looking for a sax that gives a deep warm sound.

  • Finish: Gold Plated, 
  • Auxiliary Keys: Front F, High F# and High G key

  RRP £9,160.00

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